Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nice-Cannes Marathon Relay

I loved Nice when I went on my trip earlier this year so I was really excited to go back and participate in the Nice-Cannes Marathon. I joined a four-person relay team with my fellow classmates, Kush, Krystian, and Jonathan. While the exchange points were a little confusing, I loved running the marathon as a team. It was a great way to participate in the race without needing to train a lot for it. Kush had just completed a marathon so he was in great shape to run the longest leg. I ran roughly 8 km (~5 miles) at a great pace of 8:03 min/mile. 

The race course was beautiful, almost all along the Mediterranean Sea from Nice to Cannes. We were able to take the train along the coast to meet up at the relay exchange points and then to the finish in Cannes. 

In true INSEAD fashion, we had a few beers the night before the race. I'm pretty sure they helped us run fast.

The rest of my team before the race. We dressed like Frenchmen...

Some of the other students and I post-race refueling at an Italian restaurant. Overall a great trip and I can't wait to run another marathon relay!

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