Friday, December 26, 2014

Walking Tour of Budapest

As you know, my family is from Slovakia so I've spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe, especially as a child. My family and I traveled a bit around Europe during our trips to see the rest of the family. We went to Budapest on one of those trip and I remember it being a beautiful city so I was eager to go back when one of my fellow students suggested a girls trip to Eastern Europe.

We started our own walking tour at the parliament building (above) and then walked along the water to cross the Danube River via the Chain Bridge (below).

The views along the Danube are stunning and it was a beautiful walk despite the cold and gloomy weather. The WWII Jewish memorial (below) is a serious of shoes representing those that were shot

Taking the tram up to Buda Castle we were treated to some spectacular views of the city, and of course this made for a great photo op!

Matthias Church on Castle Hill has very exquisite architecture from the inside out. 

The views of the city were stunning to see at dusk as it got dark early (at 4pm!). Here you can see the Hungarian Parliament again from a far. There is a cafe right next to Matthias Church that provides a great place to heat up and enjoy the views of the city. 

Finally ending our long walk, it was time to recoup with dinner. Goulash is a very traditional Hungarian dish that you can find in most of Eastern Europe. It is a delicious beef-based stew with vegetables and spices. Perfect to warm up after a chilly winter day in Budapest. 

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