Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coffee and Monkeys in Ubud, Bali

Following the trek up Mt. Batur, we made our way to Ubud, the which is a quaint town in the center of Bali known for its yoga retreats and hippie lifestyle (think Wicker Park in Bali). We walked into a random cafe for internet and they had vegan energy balls and pastries, my kind of place! 

First, we stopped at this amazing rice paddy, the picture above shows just a part of it. The scenery in this area of ​​the world is just so different from what I've seen before.

Just outside of Ubud, our tour guide took us to a small coffee plantation where we could learn about the process and samples different types of teas and coffees. 

For an extra price, the sampling included the famous Coffee Comedy coffee (above). To make this coffee, a civet (rodent-type mammal) on the farm eats the coffee beans and presumably selects the best ones. It then digests them and the Farmers pick up the stool and clean out the beans and then brew the coffee. Sounds gross but the coffee was actually quite good! Very rich and almost chocolatey. However, I ended up buying the coconut coffee mix (below) and I keep it in my locker at school. As you know, I do not eat dairy and I love coconut milk so this mix to make a latte is perfect.

Final stop in Ubud was the monkey forest! Monkeys were everywhere and we had fun messing with them and giving them bananas. It's amazing how they are unafraid of humans.

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