Monday, February 9, 2015

New Years in Bali

After taking class in Abu Dhabi, I didn't take a break to go home and went straight to the INSEAD campus in Singapore, from which I left to Bali in Indonesia to spend the week around New Years before starting up with class again. 16 of my classmates and I rented the amazing Villa Manis and had a fantastic week.

Since we were all pretty exhausted from traveling around the world, we spent the first few days relaxing by the pool and getting massages. The in-house cooks make amazing fresh food and even served us coconut water straight from the source.

We checked out nearby beaches but were unimpressed. Apparently there is a huge problem with trash floating from more populated places in Indonesia and landing on the beaches of the island. There are great surf spots but I wouldn't go to Bali for the beaches. But having a nice villa with great people is definitely worth it.

While it did rain often throughout the days, the evenings seemed to always give us amazing views. And yes, that's a rice field directly next to the villa.

For New Years Eve, we threw a fun party with some more classmates from a nearby villa. There's a picture of the group below. I'll post more about what we did outside of the villa in following posts!

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