My name is Lenka and I'm a 20-something woman that used to live in Chicago and am now getting my MBA at INSEAD in France. My health journey started a few years ago at the end of college when I realized that I couldn't live off of pizza and beer for the rest of my life. I've always been a runner and loved fitness but I didn't truly realize the effect of food on total health. I did a major overhaul on my diet by adopting a mostly vegan lifestyle. The majority of my diet consists of plants and try to make everything from scratch. I still eat things I love, like sushi, eggs and bacon for brunch, and yes, beer.

Running is my sport and I love doing races but I also really like high-intensity interval training classes. While qualifying for the Boston Marathon is one of my dreams, my favorite activity is actually hiking. Getting to the top of a mountain is one of the most gratifying experiences. In the picture below I climbed to the top of Rucu Pinchincha in Ecuador, at 15,406 feet!

My "day job" is as a nuclear energy advocate and consultant at Nuclear Undone. I'm known as the "nuclear health nut" in the blogging community, which is fantastic. Working for myself is amazing and a big part of this blog is balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with the rest of my life.

Being healthy and fit is all about treating yourself to good food and leading an active lifestyle. This blog is not about crash diets or losing weight but rather about changing your daily life to be more healthy. The Healthy Fit Goddess lifestyle includes two parts that work together: fuel and fitness. You need to fuel your body with good food in order for it to run at an optimal level. Fitness gives you a good-looking body, boosts your immune system, and makes you a happier person. Fitness should be a daily thing and can be anything from walking to weightlifting to playing sports. However, fitness without fuel is pointless! The "goddess" part of the blog is about inner and outer beauty, which are connected. In addition to health and fitness, natural beauty routines and products can make you feel like a goddess. Healthy Fit Goddess is my journey to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle for inner strength and outer beauty.

I am not a physician, certified nutritionist, or personal trainer. The views expressed on my blog are from my own experiences and from reputable resources. You should consult your physician before making any major changes to your lifestyle or diet.