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5K: ~23:00 (7:25/mile)
High School Cross Country Meet, 2002 

4-mile: 32:50 (8:13/mile)
Elmhurst 4 on the 4th, July 4, 2013

8K (4.97 miles): 42:01 (8:27/mile)
Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago, March 30, 2014

5-mile: 42:07 (8:25/mile)
Marco Island 5 Mile Hill Run, December 21, 2013

10K: 51:45 (8:20/mile)
BTN Big 10K, Chicago, July 27, 2013

10-Mile: 1:24:17 (8:26/mile)
Lakefront 10 Miler, Chicago, April 2014

15K: 1:16:17 (8:11/mile)
Hot Chocolate 15K, November 3, 2013

Half Marathon: 1:53:50 (8:41/mile)
Indy 500 Mini Marathon, May 2014

Marathon: 4:34:26 (11:00/mile)
Chicago Marathon, October 2013


  1. Hi, if you want to beat that high school 5k time, you need to gradually build running volume. Easy pace only. Gradual progression means going from 10 miles per week to 20 miles, over the span of a year. Another year to get to 30 miles per week. And so forth. Such slow volume building prevents injury, and you will shatter your 5k PR. In your photos you look like you can break 20:00, you just lack raw, easy paced volume. Crossfit makes false claims with regard to running improvement. Building a massive aerobic base is the foundation to running, and nothing in Crossfit will build aerobic fitness. They will make you strong, explosive, and that's great. But running speed is all about being lean and having a massive heart. So yes, run long, run easy, build gradually. It's not cool, it's not exciting, but it is true.

    1. Hi Felix, I really appreciate your input! It's good to hear from seasoned runners. I am trying to take more advice from my boyfriend who is also an avid runner and he says I need to simply do more miles during the week. I'm going to try running more as soon as the weather clears up a bit in Chicago.

    2. Brutal winters make it tough, the Northeast isn't as bad as where you are, but it's not California either... I started with 6 miles per week (three 2-mile runs). That was 3 years ago. I added just one mile, once every two months. So that's adding just 6 miles to my weekly mileage, per year. I figured I had plenty of time and I wanted to avoid injury. So, after one year of running, I was at 12 miles per week. At two years, I was at 18 miles. Now, just over 3 years of consistent running, I am doing 25 mile weeks. My 5k time over these three years has gradually dropped from 26:00 to just a bit over 18:00. I always run easy, and I never get injured. My easy pace has dropped over the years, from about 10:00/mile to about 8:00/mile. But, my guide is always being able to speak in complete sentences. Never faster than that. When I have a 5k coming up, I will spend the month leading up to it, doing one speed workout per week. Should be breaking 18:00 in the next few months. Again, there's not much glamour in my approach, but I am fast. Some of that is due to weight loss, as I am 10 lbs lighter than when I started. But that may account for maybe a minute. The other seven minutes I've dropped in my 5k, it was all due to my training.

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  3. I have a random question. When you did the juice cleanse were you able to keep running? Did you need to cut down your mileage?


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